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We Partnered With Aryaka… Three Reasons You Should Too

At AVANT we’re disrupting the channel by partnering with strategic, cloud-ready partners that keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry. So it’s no surprise that we sought out Aryaka, the top player in WAN-as-a-service solutions, to join forces with us to help drive more positive business outcomes within the channel.

We chose to partner with Aryaka because of its tried-and-tested next-generation WAN-as-a-service solution. With this solution, partners can deliver cutting-edge technology to their enterprise customers through the world’s only software-defined, optimized, multitenant private WAN.

Adding Aryaka’s truly dynamic solution to our portfolio has given us a unique edge. Their innovative, cloud based technology compliments AVANT’s forward thinking approach in building out our technology portfolio.  

“Aryaka is an extremely unique partner in our portfolio. They offer our trusted advisors, who are already selling our large ecosystem of cloud providers, an enhanced alternative in connecting their customers to those providers.”  Said Drew Lydecker, President of AVANT.  

Indeed, as partners, we are in alignment with the global IT mega-trends of the modern technology era. Together we have a real shot at addressing CIOs’ top challenges—from connecting global offices to accelerating applications across disparate branches, to granting faster access to cloud-based applications through Aryaka’s powerful network.

Aryaka is the type of innovator perfectly positioned to impact the channel for the following three reasons:

Sales Enablement: Aryaka delivers next-generation enterprise WAN solutions that give businesses a way to accelerate their applications globally. As well, Aryaka’s model eliminates the cost and hassle associated with legacy WAN technologies, like MPLS. The Aryaka offering strengthens and adds value to a partner’s portfolio as it’s a fully managed service. As such, partners’ attention can shift back to selling solutions to customers rather than maintaining and upgrading legacy models. And these aren’t just claims; the success of the Aryaka solution has been validated by the market. Today, Aryaka has over 4,000 customer sites across all verticals, geographies and revenue sizes.

Accelerated Deployment: Aryaka’s deployment cycle is measured in hours—not months, as it is with MPLS. Therefore commissions for sales teams or partners reselling Aryaka solutions are turned around much quicker compared to competing product lines in the industry. Commercial options offered to partners include a no-risk revenue-share partnership model. So, rather than wait months for an MPLS model to be deployed, which translates to a longer wait in receiving commissions, partners can deploy the service immediately, which keeps customers satisfied and commissions forthcoming.

Customer Retention: Aryaka’s customer retention rate is over 95 percent, which is among the highest in any industry. As such, partners can drive perpetuity-like revenues and associated sales commissions. As well, partners never have to fear that their customers will suddenly abandon their businesses in favor of new WAN providers because Aryaka’s customers remain loyal and satisfied with the company’s truly progressive global connectivity solution.

That’s why we chose Aryaka. Curious to know what interested Aryaka in gaining AVANT as a partner?  Find out by reading  this blog.